What are Clearances?

A Clearance is a process that involves the act of obtaining written permission to use real trademarks or copyright-protected items on camera.

Examples of trademarks would include:

  • Starbucks
  • Budweiser

Examples of copyrighted-protected items would include:

  • Sports Illustrated
  • The New York Times
  • Graffiti, tattoos and book covers

What You Need to Know about Clearance Reports

Clearances (as well as ‘Rights Permissions’) guarantee everything used on camera is used with full permission, or as intended.  A Master Clearance Report shows on-camera items that will be listed as either ‘Cleared’ or ‘Not Cleared’.

Determination is based, solely, on whether the legal owner of the trademark or copyright has granted permission for an item to be used.

Clearance Binder

A ‘Clearance Binder’ is one of three must-haves for film distribution.  It refers to an array of required legal documents that are mandated upon the delivery of your film.

The Clearance Binder includes various production memos. One of the memos is entitled, ‘Cleared/Not Cleared Memos’.  These memos are initiated by the Research/Clearance team member. As previously stated, it states whether an item is cleared for on-set use.  If an item is cleared, a signed release will legally substantiate that claim.  Not-cleared items will indicate the decline as well as the company who has legal ownership of that item.

When The Domain Group completes a production’s clearances, the preliminary Script Breakdown Report turns into the Master Clearance Report.  On this report you can find everything in relation to clearances and research regarding your production.  Any Master Clearance Report from The Domain Group embeds images as well as the status of those images, making the review for a distributor, easy and unambiguous.

Our Professionals and Our Experience

Our company’s expertise reflects niche` professionals including:

  • Studio-trained researchers
  • Legal analysts
  • Brand specialists who work cohesively with one another on media productions on a national, and international, level.

Our depth of insight in this robust field ensures that broadcast productions of all types will meet delivery deadlines, stay on budget, and create the absolute best-possible production.

The Domain Group, Inc. specializes in the following:

  • Film production
  • TV
  • Web-shows
  • Animation
  • Commercials
  • Gaming

Why Use The Domain Group for Your Clearances?

The Domain Group should be your only choice for your clearance-report needs for these reasons and more:

1:  Most other clearance companies can be too costly, where The Domain Group remains competitively priced and at a fair rate.

2: With a data base already established with over 7,000 contacts, we are able to shorten the wait time for getting permission, where as other companies can take months.

3:  Clearances can involve complicated delivery requirements. You must deliver all documents, script reports, clearance releases, etc. to the distributor to guarantee the film is not susceptible to any potential lawsuits.  With The Domain Group, we will have all these documents stored in a cloud-based filing system, conveniently available for you to send to the distributor, when needed.

4: We incorporate detailing. This involves a plethora of legal ramifications such as:

  • Is the trademark being featured?
  • Is the trademark being used in a derogatory manner? etc.


Projects We’ve Provided Clearances For:

A few of our projects include:

  • Ray (Jamie Fox)
  • Miles Ahead (Don Cheadle)
  • BoJack Horseman (Netflix), and
  • Robot Chicken (Adult Swim).

A handful of our clients include: Focus Features, Blumhouse, Adult Swim and Endgame.

The Domain Group Has You Covered

Every year, thousands of filmmakers submit to festivals hoping to get their films distributed.  When the realization occurs that he or she has not taken the proper steps to deliver a cleared film, their dream can turn into a nightmare.  Clearances are an essential component of the film-making process. The Domain Group will be your staunch ally in this exciting, yet complicated arena.  Our professionals will take the anxiety out of your film-production endeavors.

At The Domain Group our professionals ensure your clearance contracts are accurate and thorough.  We are the leader in clearances with over 20,000 clearances, to date!

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