Clip Licensing

What is Clip Licensing?

Before we define clip licensing, let’s first clarify the term ‘playback’.  Imagine a scene where a character is watching television and the material running on the TV is visible to the audience.  Official permission is required for that visible footage. That footage would be ‘Playback’.

Clip Licensing is the process of obtaining written permission to show footage from previously-produced productions, on camera.  Any and all clips used in Playback need permission to be used.

This applies to productions such as:

  • Feature films
  • TV shows
  • Web series
  • Radio programs
  • Commercials
  • Video games, etc.

What’s Involved in Clip Licensing?

Clip Licensing involves negotiating fees and getting releases from the studio or copyright holder.  Official permission must also be granted from all performers who appear in the clip or music.  Fees involved are set according to use, which are subject to review and approval of the request from the studio or copyright holder.

What We Do

The Domain Group is able to clear the use of clips through the studio who owns them. We also clear all actors via the SAG’s standard reuse agreement.

Our company makes requests to respective parties via fax, mail or email. We may be obligated to include the type and purpose of the project or program, detailed information describing how the material will be used, a synopsis of the script, the number of clips that would be used, etc.  Studios can be generous with providing access to a vast library of clips.

Without the use of trained researchers and legal analysts, you could put your pre-production project in jeopardy.  Our company would be happy to provide you with more information.  Contact us today to learn more.