Our Services


Our script breakdown reports include the following categories:  named characters, artwork, print media, music, clip licensing, tradename, props, new media, wardrobe, vehicles and unnamed characters.  If there is a name that is “not approved” based on our research, we include an alternate suggestion in our reports.


Production research is actual research performed on any fictitious items being used in the film, such as XYZ Bank, Dr. John Doe or Masonville County, Illinois for example.  We also research original logos, designs, etc. created by production.

Clearances is the act of getting written permission to use real trademarks or copyright protected items on camera.  Examples of trademarks would be Starbucks, Apple and Budweiser.  Examples of copyright protected items would be Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and Andy Worhol paintings.  Copyright protected items also include graffiti, tattoos and book covers.  Copyright law prohibits the use of any item without written permission.


A title and copyright report is research performed on the title of the project.  It is used to uncover other productions with the same or similar titles. It also is used to discover if the project has been previously linked to any other producers, etc.


Permission is required for the use of all clips on camera including feature films, television shows, web series, radio programs, commercials, video games, etc.  Clip licensing includes negotiating fees and getting releases from the studio or copyright holder.  Additional components to clip licensing require getting permission from all performers who appear in the clip as well as any music.


Thousands of brands are represented by product placement agencies who are eager to get their clients positive and organic exposure on camera.  We have solid relationships with the placement houses and have had great success with getting our productions’ product “in kind” as well as fee deals.