What Are Script Breakdown Reports?

Script Breakdown Reports

A Script Breakdown Report is a research supported narrative performed on scripts. It remains a crucial and required component of pre-production. Two types of Script Breakdown Reports are generated and readied for delivery.  One highlights ‘Script Page’ as well as “Scene Number’. The second caters to ‘Type’, which are the various categories covered in the report.  Each detailed report is the result of the exhaustive examination of:

  • Names of characters
  • Names of businesses, and
  • Other germane details that are included in your script

The specific categories we explore and investigate in our Script-Breakdown Reports include:

Named character – all characters in script who are given a name, such as ‘Bill Jackson’.

Unnamed character – all characters without a specific name, such as ‘old man’ or ‘little boy’.

Addresses – all addresses must be fictitious.

Phone Numbers – all phone numbers must be in the range of ‘555-0100 to 555-0199’

Artwork – artwork is copyright protected. This includes paintings, posters, photos, tattoos and more.

Print media – all books, magazines and newspapers.

Music – every reference to music played in the script.

Clip Licensing – permission is required for the use of all clips on camera.

Tradename – names of businesses and trademarks such as ‘XYZ Bank’ or ‘iphone’.

Props – all general references to props including a soda can or a cell phone, etc.

New media – anything related to the internet including websites and cell phone apps, etc.

Wardrobe – all indications to clothing and uniforms such as police uniforms from a specific city.

Vehicles – any mentioning of cars, trucks, planes, trains, etc.

If there were a name that would qualify as ‘not approved’, based on our research, we would offer an alternate suggestion in the report.  As mentioned, The Script Breakdown Report is a must-have for film distribution. It is required for E&O and insurance purposes and serves as a legal document.  All the above mentioned categories would be listed in the report, accompanied with the researched findings.

The Domain Group’s highly-trained researchers will ensure that your script breakdown report is meticulously thorough and entirely accurate.

Why Choose The Domain Group for Your Script Breakdowns?

Our company’s niche` professionals will work for you and with you to make sure delivery deadlines are met. We will also ensure your budget stays on track and the absolute best-possible production ensues.  Our studio trained researchers, legal analysts, and brand specialist work on a national and international level. Our projects range from film production to web-shows to commercials and so much more.

The Domain Group has successfully handled more than 2,000 projects. A sampling of our endeavors include: American Gods (FremantleMedia/Starz), Ray (Jamie Fox), Miles Ahead (Don Cheadle), and BoJack Horseman (Netflix). Our clients include Focus Features and Blumhouse, to name only a few.

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